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What are activities tags?

Activities tags help you to organize and segment activities added by Members, to get the most out of the data reported in activities.

While adding new activities in Advocu, Members can select tags from the list curated by you.

Then, you can filter Activity Stream and Program Reports for data related to these tags.

Activities tags can be related to certain technologies, campaigns, events, your products or anything that'd be helpful for you.

How to create activities tags?

Activities tags can be managed by Community Space Admins.

  1. Open Community Space settings.

  2. Go to "Tags management" and "Activities" tab.

The option to deactivate tags is planned to be released in April 2023.

Filter Activity Stream with tags

To search for activities related only to a certain tag, got to Activity Stream, open the filter section and select the tags you want to search for.

Filter Program Reports with tags

You can filter your Program Reports with tags, to check the impact and number of activities reported with a certain tag.

To do so, go to Program Reports, open the filters sections and select tags you are interested in.