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Open "Active" tab

Applications Dashboard gather all applications submitted to Advocu by your Members.

To see only those, which require your attention, open “Active” tab in Dashboard's menu.

Select a step and click "Review form"

Depending on the custom application process you created while setting up Advocu, you will see numerous steps on the dashboard.

Find a not-reviewed step and click "Review form" button. You'll be redirected to the page with application preview and feedback questions.

Add your feedback

For each of the process steps you can add your feedback and decide, whether this application should continue the process or not.

Once you submit your feedback, based on your decision Advocu will automatically move the application to the next step.

Let's take a look at an example:

You decided that this application is a great fit to your program and submitted positive feedback.

So Advocu will automatically move this application to the next step, and you can proceed with further actions based on your custom process.

If you decided to reject this application while reviewing, Advocu will automatically close it, send rejection email notification to the Applicant, and move applications to “Rejected” category.