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🚀 Advocu release notes October 2023

Dive into the latest enhancements in Advocu, where we've integrated powerful GitHub functionalities.

GitHub Integration for Improved Repository Insights

Staying updated with your repository's statistics and community contributions is essential. With our latest GitHub integration, Advocu allows you to seamlessly pull in your repository's stats and recognize community contributors. This ensures a tight-knit connection between your community management platform and your development repositories.

Features to Explore

  1. Track GitHub Repositories: Get a comprehensive view of your repository statistics directly in Advocu. Keep an eye on those numbers and understand the growth and engagement of your projects.

  2. Showcase Community Contributors: Recognize and appreciate those who are actively contributing to your repositories. Build stronger relationships and encourage more participation.

  3. Easily Add Repositories: As an Admin or a Community Manager, you now have the power to add any tracked GitHub repository, ensuring you never miss out on crucial project updates.

Things to try:

  • Navigate to the "integrations" page in Advocu and connect your GitHub account.

  • Start adding your tracked repositories and see the statistics populate in real-time.

  • Highlight top contributors in your community to boost engagement and encourage more contributions.

Stay tuned! We are continually improving and will bring more integrations and features to make your community management even smoother.