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🚀 Advocu Release notes February 2023

Get an inside look at the new features and improvements in Advocu.

Store contribution drafts in Advocu

To help our Ambassadors keep track of their future contributions, planned content, talks, and conferences, they can now create activity drafts in Advocu. This feature will allow them to easily organize and manage their upcoming contributions in a more efficient and hassle-free manner.

Things to try:

  • Create a new activity in Advocu, add only the title or description.

  • Find the "Save activity as a draft" button.

  • Open the drafts list, edit your draft and publish it later.

Remove items from 'Resources' page

Want to remove some stuff from the resources list? Now you can!

Things to try:

  • Open the 'Resources' page as an Admin or Community Manager.

  • Find the context menu and click on the 'Remove' button.

New data in Advocu public API - activities

Now in our public API you can access a list of all activities added by your program Members. What to do with this data? A lot of fun stuff! Here are some of our ideas:

  1. Create public Member's profiles on your website and list their best activities.

  2. Upload this data to software like Google Data Studio and create beautiful charts and dashboards for your Team.

  3. Use Zapier to trigger fun Slack automation with the best activities of each week.