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Advocu Glossary

There are many new concepts you may find yourself running into as you explore Advocu. So let’s take a second to define them 📖

Application Process – a process, where your would-be Member apply to your program. It usually contains: filling the form, screening and onboarding process.

Application Form – form filled by would-be Member to apply.

Applicant – a person, who applied to your program. They do not count as paid Members until you accept their application.

Member – a community or program member, accepted to join your program during the application process.

Teammate / Community Managersomeone on your team who is in your workspace. Teammates do not count as members.

Activity – in other words, contribution. Any action performed by a Member, such as answering a question in your forum, leaving feedback on a GitHub project, creating a blog post, hosting a webinar, or even meeting in person. Anything that is a significant action you want to measure is considered to be an activity.

Activities typesspecific type of activity that the user performed. Examples include: Resources (blog posts, webinars, code samples, etc.), Public speaking (webinars, tech talks, etc.). We provide default activity types, and you can also set up custom activity types.

Metric – a custom, numeric field that defines impact made by a specific activity. For example, for activity type “Resources” you can define a metric “Number of views”. This way, you can track developer activities that are important for your business KPIs.